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A fairytale town

  Alberobello (420 m. above sea level) sprouts up on a wide relief cut in two by a depression produced by the action of an ancient water course. The surrounding landscape, rich in olive groves, vineyards and cherry orchards, offers carsic dolinas and terraced lands whose genesis is bend to tectonic phenomena. The configuration of the entire area is the result of erosive actions on the calcareous rocks produced by meteoric waters, on the surface as much as in the depth. From these stratificated rocks is drawn the building material used to covei the conic tops of the trulli, the so called "chiancarelle". The history of Alberobello is that of a small community of farmers which is grown up through two centuries from the end of the XIV century, in spite of the fact that they had no juridical recognition. Actually the local historians relate about the existence, already in the XV century, of an early nucleous of about 40 little circle-based dwellings having conic tops, scattered around on a woody land, quite surely prototypes of the tipical kind of building existing since a very long time in the so called "Silva Arbor Belli". The year 1654 marks a meaningful date for the birth of Alberobello, because it was in that year that the Count of "II Conversano Giangirolamo Acquaviva, catled "Guereza di Puglia", was forced to present to the royal Court of Justice appropriate justifications about the illegal dwellings in Alberobello, following a denouncement from the Duke of Martina. Giangirolamo, having previously known of a royal inspection, gave the order to demolish immediately most of the trulli existing at that time and ordered the inhabitants spread in the woods. The result of the inquiry was positive for the Count, who then recalled the farmers and authorized the re-building of the trulli with the severe obligation not to use any mortar or any other systematic building material, but houses built stone on stone. Only in 1797 seven members from the community were able to have a talk with King Ferdinando IV while was visiting the city of Taranto, in order to prospect the precarious juridical situation of their village and to ask the King the liberation from the feudal bondage and the recognition of Alberobello as a town royal to the Kingdom, that they gained with a royal decree on May 27" 1797.

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